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There are 7 billion people, give or take a few hundred million, living on this 3rd rock from the sun we call Earth.  In traditional anthropological studies those 7 billion people are divided into 5 different races.  A division mostly discarded by the science of today useful only for sowing the seeds of discord.

These 5 races can be subdivided into ten thousand to twenty-seven thousand different ethnic groups, depending on your source.  They speak more than seven thousand languages across 200 countries.

The most superficial internet search will show that we are divided into at least twenty major world religions and two-hundred-seventy large religious groups.  Christians alone are further divided into thirty-four-thousand smaller groups.  That leaves three-quarters of the world’s population to be divided among the other bizillion smaller religious groups.

Liberal, independent, conservative, democrat, republican, leftwing, right wing, and some people so far on the fringe they’re in danger of falling off the edge of the earth.  Add asexual, bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual, to the list and there seems to be an infinite number of ways we can think of to divide ourselves.

On and on it seems to go, much to complicate for such a simple man as myself.  No sir I am not a complex man and to be honest I am also a bit lazy, so to keep things simple and easy I divide people into two groups that cut across all lines…some people are cool others are dickheads and that’s pretty much it.  Given a chance most people are cool.  Problem is it only takes a little bit of bad to screw up a whole lot of good or a little bit of dickhead to screw up a whole lot of cool, but we keep going.

Being a red-blooded American with certain unalienable rights, I am not a lawyer or a scholar so do not quote me on this, but I believe I have the right to hang out with whoever I want to.  So given a choice of kicking back and having a couple of beers with a Chinese Moslem homosexual who is cool or a White Christian heterosexual ( my own group ) who is a dick head, I would have to go with the cool dude, just common sense.  I do not know how many days I have left on this earth but I do know it’s not enough to waste any of them drinking beer with a dickhead.

P.S.  I am not trying to be politically correct with the example above its just that I know from experience that some white Christian heterosexuals can be dickheads…I’ve never actually met a Chinese Moslem homosexual.