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The average human brain weighs only 3 pounds, yet within this limited size dwells a mind aware of self and others a mind capable of conceiving infinite space and eternal time. Such a complex mind is constructed from a multitude of components.

There is of course the main component that can be thought of as “I” or “The Boss” who is responsible for the finale decisions and any actions the physical body may take.  There is also a supporting cast of characters.  Such as the nagging conscience, the voice of reason maybe the needy child, the coward or the hero, just to name a few. Who help “The Boss” think things through and look at issues from different perspectives.

This supporting cast is more vocal in some people than in others.  It is the type of thing usually sorted out in childhood, with imaginary friends being a key to future results.  Imaginary friends are little more than imaginary bodies to hold the very real voices inside a persons head.  Always being personally comfortably with the voices in my head I never needed imaginary friends.

Unfortunately, as a child, I was unaware that one was not to converse out loud with the voices in their head.   6 psychologists (some of those people really need help) and various medications later we learned to hide the error of our ways, for the most part.

Over time we conditioned ourselves to keep our discussions and conversations internal, again, for the most part.  There are those times of intense debate or great excitement when we bubble forth into vocalization, but they are few and far between.  With the arrival of blue tooth all problems were solved; just snap a piece of plastic to the body’s ear and talk out loud whenever we wanted.

The voices in my head have been together since the beginning, we are one big family.  With the problems any family might expect, one such problem is that a couple of my voices now speak Spanish and I am not bilingual.  It does cause the voice of aggravation to become more active and paranoia to increase vigilance, but as in any family we strive to overcome.  The question of sanity does arise from time to time but the consensus is always that “I” am.  It would be nice for the vote to be unanimous but we take what we can get.

So remember, if you speak to someone and they seem distracted or even aloof do not take personally.  It may simply be that they are already deeply in gauged in conversation, even if they are sitting quietly alone.