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I wish to take this opportunity to defend the beauty profession.  Not beauty salons, schools, or products but those who have chosen to be beautiful as a career.  They are often ridiculed and insulted, dismissed and degraded by the narrow-minded and the ignorant, by the jealous and the envious.  I wish to take this opportunity to make an attempt to bring understanding not only of the career of beauty but of the dedication and hard work of those who pursue it.

Your first inclination might be to believe that a career of beauty is easy, that beautiful people are simply born beautiful.  My reply to that is yes and no but mostly no.  I’ll give you a couple of examples. To be a teacher or an engineer requires some degree of intelligence.  Intelligence which they are born with, but that alone is not enough, it still takes years of hard work and dedication to become a teacher or an engineer.  Another example, a professional athletic is born with a given talent but that alone will not get him/her into the pros, again it takes years of dedication and hard work.

The same is true about a career of beauty only more so as beauty is so subjective and at best only 50% of what the person was physically born with.  The other half of what most people consider beauty consists of such things as cloths, makeup, style, attitude, and public relations.  Beauty is an excellent career choice for many, it requires no education, little intelligence, and only rudimentary people skills.  At the top of the profession, actress and model, there are millions to be made.  Missing out on that there is always the opportunity of marring well.  Should all else fail there is the sugardaddy safety net.  True he may be some years older than you and not shower ever day but many people have careers they are not happy with.  While opportunities do diminish over time they do not entirely evaporate, not for beauty, making it an excellent career choice.

My uncle Ben once told me “With great power comes great responsibility.” So remember your responsibility should you choose a career of beauty, for it does indeed hold great power.  I can become totally captivated by the beauty of a woman.  She could be the dumbest meanest bitch to ever have walked the face of this earth and it would take me hours even days (depending on how hot she was) to notice, or care.  I blame it on evolution and genetics, some say I’m just shallow but I don’t like that theory.  So while I am enthralled by the beautiful bitch from hell my one true love could walk by and out the door, never to be seen again.  It could be months before the next one comes along, so remember your responsibility if you chose the career of beauty.