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Being a curious and rational individual I never understood the criminalization of a plant that most people could grow in their backyard like a weed.  Therefore, many years ago I took it upon myself to study the effects of its long-term use.  To date the doctor assures me that my boobs are no larger than average man’s of my age and weight.

For those who believe smoking a joint today will lead to shooting heroin tomorrow please leave now. Being in the same room with such irrational people, even in cyberspace, scares me.

My research also led me to the conclusion that legalization would benefit both the consumer and the economy.  Given the opportunity many consumers would grow their own.  Gardening is a good way to relieve the stress of body and mind and connect with the earth.  You may also enjoy the bounty that mother earth provides.

You can grow a marijuana plant for about the same price as a tomato plant freeing up hundreds of millions perhaps billions of dollars to be spent on the open economy and taxed.  Not only would the consumer have more money for new goods and services but businesses would be making more sales and governments collecting more taxes. A win, win, win situation.

New Perspective

Opinions may change depending from where one views the issue.  While the above may still be true I am twenty years on down the road.  Social security is starting to look a little wobbly, my IRA has taken some hits in recent years and I no longer support the legalization of marijuana.

Upon retirement, still some years away, I may need to supplement my income.  I now think of illegal as equal to price support.  A small indoor grow operation seems a fine way for an older gentleman to support himself.

I would not go into such a business now simply because I have too much to lose should I get busted, but if I were 70 plus years old?  Not that you should ever rely on the government to act in a rational manner but seriously would they even want me and if so for how long?  How much difference is there between a prison old folk’s home and a civilian one?  All cost/benefit questions but you need the price support, marijuana must remain illegal, sorry.