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A brilliant idea some groups on the right have accused some groups on the left of attempting.  I do not know if such a thing is possible, but if so, I am certain all heterosexual men should support it.

Is it possible?  That question seems to revolve around the issue of nature vs. nurture.  On the nature side are those who believe that by the time a baby boy is born he has already decided, without yet knowing it, if he will be a pussy chasing dog or not.  Then there are those who believe that it is the environment in which he is raised that will be the determining factor as to what is on the other side of the ass he chases.

While I am not an anthropologist, sociologist, psychologist, geologist, meteorologist, or any other kind of ologist I am a reasonably intelligent and somewhat educated heterosexual man who leans heavily towards the nature point of view but is really pulling for the other side. Imagine a land where thousands, neigh millions, tens of millions of boys are raised to be gay.  A country of millions and millions of women with sexual needs and only a select few heterosexual men available to fill those needs.

I have a dream, a dream that some day short men and old men, fat men and bald men will all get to bang the hot chick of their choice.  I dream of the day when a woman judges a man not by his looks or his character but by wither or not he will go down on her, I have a dream.

Therefore, I say to the heterosexual men of America if you like pussy but find the competition to stiff, the quality flat, or perhaps you are looking down the road a few years and not sure, you will be able to afford the young stuff.  Then I say to you do not just support gay rights but advocate strongly for our misguided brothers.  Rise up from coast to coast, educate the public, and teach their lifestyle.  Teach it in the schools, in daycares, on the playgrounds.

Be proud to stand with our brothers, you will be glad you did.